Webinar | The DSP Workforce Crisis - What is the path forward?

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Date: Thursday, Sept 9th

Time: 3PM-4PM Eastern

The DSP workforce crisis has been a hot topic in the I/DD community for a while and providers are constantly thinking of ways to address the situation. Legislation, like the Better Care Better Jobs Act, is being developed to address the workforce crisis but will it be enough? 

We have pulled together a panel of thought leaders to have a conversation about the current DSP workforce crisis. Come join in the conversation and listen to the panel talk about the workforce crisis, the importance of the role of the DSP, and how we can work together to make change.

Who You'll Hear From

Ann Hardiman

Chief Innovation Officer,
New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation

Michael Gamel-McCormick

Senate Special Committee on Aging,
Disability Policy Director
Sen. Bob Casey, Chair

Joseph Macbeth

President & CEO,
National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals

Maura Psoinos

Vice President of Community Services,

Bridget Ryan

House Manager,