Webinar | Integrations - Single Source of Truth


Date: Tuesday, June 20th

Time: 2PM-3.PM Eastern

Data is critical to the success of any human services organization. Many organizations have disparate systems to handle the different functions within the agency. Pulling different data sources has become increasingly complex and more necessary than ever. In this webinar we will talk to our data team experts, Alex Attinson and Meghan Branca, about the need to have a single source of truth with your data, how to use data integration strategies to achieve that goal, and guidance to move your organization towards that goal. 

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding why getting a ‘single source of truth; for your data is critical
  • Different challenges to implementing data integrations and steps to help overcome those challenges
  • Tools to start creating your own centralized database

Who You'll Hear From

  • Meghan Branca - Data Integration Manager, Foothold Technology
  • Alex Attinson - Product Manager, Data and Interoperability, Foothold Technology
  • Moderator, Elliot Massuda, Community Engagement Manager, Foothold Technology