Webinar | Pine Castle's Pathways Curriculum: A Supportive Journey for Individuals and DSPs


Date: Wednesday, Feb 21st

Time: 12PM-1PM Eastern

Outcomes significantly steer changes within the I/DD sector, prompting organizations to consistently seek methods to elevate services, particularly those substantiated by data. Join us to hear firsthand from Pine Castle, recipient of the 2023 Excellence in Innovation Award by the Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (FARF), about their groundbreaking curriculum.

This curriculum, meticulously designed to encompass life skills and employment frameworks, will be discussed by Lori Ann Whittington, CEO at Pine Castle, and Kathy Chauffe, CEO at KMC Curriculum Designs. Discover their collaborative efforts in crafting a structured curriculum that not only provides guidance for work but is also user-friendly for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to effectively teach and excel.  Gain insights into the powerful curriculum and discover how it can seamlessly integrate into your organization, offering a valuable product for your consideration.

What You'll Learn

  • The necessity for a pathways curriculum and its alignment with state and national standards.
  • Gain valuable insights into the implementation process of a Pathways Curriculum, understanding the key components that contribute to its success.
  • Hear about positive outcomes achieved through the Pathways Curriculum, showcasing its effectiveness in supporting individuals and DSPs alike.

Who You'll Hear From

  • Lori Ann Whittington, Chief Executive Officer, Pine Castle, Inc.
  • Kathy Chauffe, Chief Executive Officer, KMC Curriculum Designs, LLC