Webinar | Stories from the Field: How Supported Employment Providers Have Leveraged Data

2020 has been a tumultuous year, turning processes and operations upside down and forcing organizations to re-imagine and re-work the ways they operate. Agencies who provide Supported Employment services have been busy assessing and readjusting their services. Some providers have had to pause or close down without the certainty of reopening. Others have been able to continue but with real hurdles and challenges.

These decisions have been tough for everyone involved, ultimately to the detriment of the individuals receiving support.  Because Supported Employment is such a vital service in the community, we have invited  some of our clients to participate in a round table discussion.

What You'll Learn

  • Hear how some agencies are navigating the current environment
  • Learn about the strategies they have implemented
  • Listen as they talk about how they plan to approach the unknown future

Who You'll Hear From

Elliot Massuda

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Elliot works with associations across the country to share Foothold's technology & industry expertise to providers in our communities.

Copy of Elliot Massuda

Joining Elliot will be a number of representatives from Foothold's client community to discuss their experience with supported employment.


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